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New registration for Cryptogran

February 2015
New registration for Cryptogran to biologically control false codling moth in Table Grapes, Macadamias, Peppers, Pomegranates,  Persimmons, Plums and Peaches

River Bioscience is proud to announce the addition of new crops to the Cryptogran label. Cryptogran was initially registered on Citrus and Avocadoes, and has recently been registered for use on Table Grapes, Macadamias, Peppers, Pomegranates, Persimmons, Plums, Peaches and other crops. Cryptophlebia leucotreta granulovirus forms the backbone of false codling moth (FCM) control strategies in South African citriculture. The virus is used as a full cover spray application during moth flight peaks. Larvae ingest the virus, which causes the larvae to die. Cryptogran has no impact on beneficial insects or negative impact on the environment and is implemented in IPM strategies. See the products page for the new label and application details for each crop.


Lepidoptera (False codling moth) control with entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) in citrus

January 2015
River Bioscience has designed the first false codling moth (FCM) control programme, which incorporates the use of EPNs (Heterorhabditis bacteriophora). CryptonemTM, which consists of EPNs can be used to control the soil stages of FCM. Please contact us for details on this programme.


2014 Citrus Research Symposium

August 2014
River Bioscience would like to congratulate Citrus Research International (CRI) on an excellent 2014 Citrus Symposium. River Bioscience was proud to be one of the sponsor. The research was of excellent quality and will drive the industry forward. More than 500 delegates from various parts of the value chain attended the event. Highlights included the research on the control of pests like mealy bug and false codling moth with biological control methods such as entomopathogenic nematodes and entomopathogenic fungi.


New registration for bollworm virus

22 May 2014
River Bioscience is pleased to
announce that Helicovir is now registered in South Africa on a wide variety of
crops including deciduous fruit, vegetables, berries, potatoes, sorghum and
other crops. Helicovir was the first commercial Helicoverpa armigera nucleopolyhedrovirus product to be registered in
South Africa. Helicovir was first registered in South Africa for the biological
control of bollworm on citrus. The expansion of the label means that more crop
production industries can now benefit from using Helicovir. The benefits of
Helicovir for bollworm control include:

No chemical residues
No preharvest interval
Non toxic to the environment, animals and humans
Pest resistance management
Compatible with most agricultural remedies
No impact on beneficial insects
Ideal for Integrated Pest Management (IPM)


River Bioscience expands distribution network

March 2014
River Bioscience (RB) is proud to announce the expansion of its distribution channels. RB recently installed distribution agreements with various agents in order to provide clients with easier access to  products. Wenkem will be the national distributor of the RB product range, while Nexus AG and Novon will be distributing in the southern and northern parts of the country, respectively. Other agencies that have limited access to River Bioscience products include Terason, Nulandis, Viking, Noordchem and Yield. All the companies have access to the M3 fruit fly station, the only attract-and-kill fruit fly station in South Africa. Please visit our distributor page to find the one nearest to you.