About Us

Providing Southern African farmers with innovative and useful products aimed at improving global competitiveness

River Bioscience was established in 2004 as a sister company of Citrus Research International (CRI). The company is a fully owned commercial subsidiary of the Southern African Citrus Growers Association.

The chief objectives of the company are to commercialise innovations, developments and discoveries arising from CRI research and to provide the southern African citrus industry with innovative and useful products aimed at improving its global competitiveness. Profits are returned to the industry’s research and technical support structures, under the direct control of the Citrus Growers of southern Africa.

A perfect example of reinvestment is the 50 % shareholding River Bioscience has in XSIT, a company based on the sterile insect technique (SIT). More than 6000 hectares of citrus is under the SIT program for false codling moth control.

River Bioscience is committed to expanding into other sectors of agriculture in South Africa, Africa and further afield. River Bioscience has its main office in Port Elizabeth and its production facility in Hermitage in the Sundays River Valley, the heartland of the citrus industry in the Eastern Cape.